This site is in transition…

In August, 2017 I accepted a position teaching UCOL 101, the first-year experience course at SIU-Carbondale. I’m grateful for my time at SHS and will miss my students and colleagues, but am very excited about this next chapter in my life.

I will leave your course pages up for this school year so you can access past resources. Most of this information will still exist on this site after that time, but it might be in a different location. Check your course sites periodically or email me if you need to find something: borger@siu.edu.

If you’re in the SIU neighborhood, come pop in for a visit.  I’m in the Student Services Building on the first floor in Exploratory Student Advisement.



Here’s a link to information from “This is Your Brain on Adolescence: Any Questions?” delivered at the Bi-County Institute: Know, Do, Believe! at Valmeyer CUSD #3.  Also, for individuals who attended my session at the Bi-County Institute, here’s  a link to the handout about grading that just might ‘unchain’ you from your grade book and allow you to spend more time with loved ones on nights & weekends!

You can also view my presentation This is Your Brain on Technology: Any Questions? from the the Closing the Gap Conference at John A. Logan College on 4/26/2017.