Borger Course Syllabus, 2017

Class Syllabus 2017 (PDF)
Ms. Borger
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Responsibility: knowing what needs to be done and doing it

Choice:  You have control over your success or failure based on the choices you make.  Recognize that for every choice there are consequences.
Accept the consequences for your actions in all things.
I don’t give grades; you earn grades based on the choices you make.

Class rules:

Respect each other’s personal items & space

  • No hitting or touching
  • No taking or touching something that does not belong to you
  • No mooching: bring your own materials to class or accept the consequences

Respect learning environment

  • No abusive, homo-hateful, racist, sexist, or disrespectful language
  • No “shut-up”
  • No talking when someone else has the floor
  • Stay in assigned seats unless movement is permitted

Be Responsible

  • Do not blame others for your behavior
  • Do not come to class without materials, leave assignments in your locker or car
  • Do not ask for an extension because you did not allow enough time to do your work


  • You are to be in the room, in your seat when the bell rings.  If you enter after the bell you are considered tardy.
  • I strictly follow the school policy regarding tardiness (see student handbook, page 12).
  • You will be given three passes out of class per semester.   Passes do not carry over.  Once passes have been used, do not ask to leave the class.  If you leave after using all your passes, you will receive a tardy for attendance that day.

Assignment Expectations:

  • All work is due at the beginning of the class period on the assigned due date.
  • Assignments handed in after the teacher collects them are late.
  • Homework may be handed in up to one day late for ½ credit.  After this time, you will automatically receive a zero for the assignment.
  • Even in the event of excused absences, some in-class actives cannot be made up.  The reason for your absence does not change the fact that you were not present during the activity and you will earn a blank in SDS for that assignment; this will neither help nor hurt your grade.
  • Work cannot be made up for unexcused absences.
  • If you are absent the day before a scheduled quiz you are still expected to take the quiz the day you return.
  • Major assignments are docked one letter grade for each day the assignment is late.  Major assignments will not be accepted 5 days beyond the original due date.
  • Plagiarism Policy: I strictly enforce the school’s plagiarism policy.  If you are caught cheating or turning in work that is not your own—including, but not limited to, copy and pasting any section of a larger piece of work you turn in—you will receive a zero on the assignment and guardians & parents will be contacted in both cases.

Course Materials:

All students will need the following materials for Borger’s English courses: 

  1. A blue/black ink pen: pencils are not acceptable in Borger’s classes.
  2. A spiral notebook exclusively for this class for daily journals, weekly writing assignments, and notes.  Notebooks will be kept in class for freshman and sophomore students.
  3. A folder or binder in which to keep handouts and assignments.  Nothing fancy necessary – a manila folder will do.



The top portion of this sheet is due on: Friday, August 26th.  Keep the bottom portion for reference.

STUDENT NAME: ____________________________________________________

Note to student and guardian/care giver:  Please sign below to verify that you have read and understand the policies of Ms. Borger’s class syllabus.

Guardian/Care Giver Printed Name: _________________________________________

Guardian/Care Giver Signature: _____________________________________________

Guardian/Care Giver email &/ or phone:______________________________________

In an effort to keep students focused, I will have a cell-phone holder located in class. Student can store phones there for the duration of our class period for extra credit. If you would like me to hold your student’s phone during class to avoid distractions, please initial here.________



cut here and put the information below on the fridge as a reminder!
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For extra credit for your student, email or call Ms. Borger within the first 2 weeks of school!! Put the student’s name in the subject line, identify who you are and just say ‘hello.’

You can also call Ms. Borger for extra credit and leave a message stating the best phone number and times to contact you with future praise or concerns.

618-443-4341, ext. 152

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