Participation Grades

Grading Rubric for Participation Grades

Participation grades will count for a large percentage of your overall quarter and semester grades.  We do a lot of work in class that is graded in this manner;  taking assignments seriously will help your grade & not taking them seriously (or not doing them) will hurt your grade. 


A/B ( + ): Exceeds assignment requirements.  Is able to make meaningful, creative inferences and comprehends the meaning of the assignment.  Fully developed connections to work being studied as well as larger social issues. Is fully engaged and immersed in class activities.

C ( √ ):  Fulfills most of the assignment requirements.  Comprehends surface level of the prompt and/or begins to relate to larger issues beyond the self.  Complies during class activities.

D ( – ): Fulfills some of the assignment requirements but overall product is incomplete.  Demonstrates basic comprehension of the assignment but other connections are not fully developed. Distracts self or others during class activities.

1/2-credit:  Student earns ½ credit for all late homework regardless of the quality of that work. Late assignments will only be accepted one day beyond the original due date and will earn a zero after that deadline.

0 (zero): Does not follow the assignment / fails to complete the assignment.  Demonstrates no comprehension of topic and/or does not reflect or respond completely to the prompt. Distracts others or interrupts activity during class engagements.