Educational Reflection Essay

Prompt:  Write a 500-750 word essay reflecting on three issues students must deal with in school based on the articles you’ve read and summarized.

Discussion of the prompt:  Using the articles for support, argue which factors affect students the most.  Your essay will have an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Each body paragraph should examine one main point from the articles.  Use the outline below as a guide.


  • Open with an attention getter:  quote, fact, question, etc.
  • Give an overview of the issues facing teens in school today (more than one sentence)
  • Funnel to a thesis statement:  the final sentence in your introduction that states what your three main points are going to be.


  • Open with a topic sentence:  a sentence which previews the single point of this paragraph.
  • Give an overview of the point—this is where your descriptive & informative summaries come in.  You can simply use your summaries at the beginning of your body paragraphs.
  • Complete the paragraph with your opinion; why do you think this is a major issue?  Do you see this issue affecting yourself or peers?  Why is this factor one of your top three?  This is where you get to agree / disagree / state your opinion / argue with the articles.
  • Transition into the next point.
  • Repeat.


  • Summarize what your main points are (remember, “I’m stupid” and I need you to remind me what I’ve just read).  DO NOT REPEAT YOUR INTRODUCTION WORD FOR WORD.
  • Include an exigency:  this is a final statement that tells me what I’ve learned from reading your essay (consider this the “Jerry Springer Final Thought”).

Grading Criteria:

  • Does your essay include all of the major components listed above?
  • Did you rewrite / revise / add to your original summaries or did you just recopy them word for word even if you received a weak grade?
  • Did you include your original summaries and articles with your final?
  • Did you double-space, type / write in ink, follow MLA format?
  • Due for Lit/Lang 2 students on Thursday 09/26/2013 (We will be typing in lab all week.  You’re responsible for completing even if you are absent for Homecoming events).