Daily Journal Entries

We will complete short writings in class most days.  The more you write, the better you get at it.   The more you write, the better  you get at thinking too.

  • Journals should follow MLA format except that journals can be single-spaced rather than double-spaced.
  • Entries must be completed in blue/black ink. Entries completed in pencil will not be given a grade.
  • Write the title and date of the journal in the center of the entry.  You can put more than one entry per page but must double-space between entries.
  • Do not write on the back of the page.  Entries on the back of the page will not be given a grade.
  • Journal entries should be five sentences or more per entry.  Sentences are noted by end punctuation – make sure to include periods.
  • You will be given more questions / prompts than you can complete in the time allotted.  You can choose to write on multiple questions or just focus on one for the whole entry.
  • Freewrites are open journals: write a reflection on your day/week/semester, journal about friends or work, write song lyrics (include song title & artist), complete stream-of-consciousness writing, etc.
  • Here is a PDF of the Weekly Journals assignment.