Research Part One: Topic Generation

  1. Choose a topic: Brainstorm a list of things you care about, things you are interested in, or things you already know a lot about.  What do you LOVE to do in your free time away from school?
    1. Do you love cheerleading? Great!  You can do a paper on cheerleading.
    2. Do you love hunting? Great!  You can do a paper on hunting!
    3. Do you love to trap shoot?  Great!  You can do a paper on trap shooting!
    4. Do you love anime?  Great!  You can do a paper on anime!
    5. Do you love videogames?  Great! You can do a paper on videogames!
    6. Do you love cuttlefish?  Great!  You can do a paper on cuttlefish! (Don’t know what a cuttlefish is?  I didn’t either until I watched an episode on Nova about them on the TV one day – they’re pretty cool!)
  2. Do some preliminary research.  Can you find data on your topic?
  3. Revise your topic if necessary.
  4. Collect data: Read books, articles, or credible websites on your topic – all websites must be approved by Borger. No Wikipedia or allowed. View the videos below on evaluating resources.
    1. Morris Library’s Evaluating Resources video
    2. Plymouth University Information Literacy video
    3. Johnson & Wales Evaluating Information Using the CRAAP Test
    4. Why Can’t I Just Google?
  5. Make sure your sources pass the CRAAP Test.
  6. Once you have collected data, follow the link to create an annotated bibliography.
  7. Wait for further instructions…